INEX Exports Major US Brands to Asia and Beyond

International Exports Co. (INEX) has become one of the largest exporters of specialty beverages in the United States (formerly Wine Battles, LLC DBA The company current sends 200,000 cases of alcoholic beverages each month to Asia. INEX considers itself a true extension of our partner’s brands. In addition a large distribution network, the company actively markets our partner’s products though social media, advertising, search engines, and Asian trade shows.

We focus on our brands and partners, getting behind them 100% and generating demand.

We currently are exclusive exporters of: Four Loko, Moskato Life, Four Loko Shots, Ace Cider, Not Your Fathers Rootbeer, White Girl Rose, Babe Rose with Bubbles, Common Cider, Hard Core Wine and more.

If you are a vintner, winery or distributor and want to reach the world please send an email to